Sunday, July 12, 2009


Thursday was a rainy day, and on the way to work I turned my headlights on.  “Don’t forget to turn them off!”  I thought to myself…  I forgot.

After work, sure enough, the battery was dead.  “No big deal,” I thought “I’ll just go back upstairs and see if someone in the office has jumper cables.”  That someone ended up being Brian.  But after 15 minutes we could not get my car running, even with a third passerby helping us.  My car was dead!

Nathan was nice enough to give me a ride home, but I was now stressed out.  I kind of need a car.  I live almost out of town, making it hard to get anywhere to get anything without a car, not to mention have a social life and get to work.  I’ve been thinking of getting a new car, but that was maybe a year down the road, it’s not a realistic option quite yet.  So this sucked, and I was stressing out.

The next day I caught a ride to work with Bill.  My car was still dead in the parking lot.  At lunch Nathan gave me a ride to PartSource and I bought some jumper cables and some fuses.  I’d burnt a fuse a while ago and figured maybe that was why we couldn’t jump start the car.  After replacing the fuse we tried jumpstarting the car, and it worked!  Thank God.  Put me in a great mood.  And on the way back up to the office some strippers from the strip club across the street were putting up some signs dressed in almost nothing and came and talked me up for 10 minutes.  That put me in an even greater mood!

Not having a car, even for one day, made me realize how much that would suck.  I figured I should probably take care of the one I have, so on the drive home I stopped my Mr. Lube and got an oil-change, engine sealant, etc.  My rear driver’s side turning signal had just died so I bought a replacement light for that too.  I then went back to PartSource and bought a new air filter and changed that too.  I have to get my car safetied for Alberta soon too.

It was actually pretty fun getting my hands dirty under the hood of a car, even if it was only minor repairs that anyone could do.  But I’m still a tech-geek, and as proof, screenshots of my new theme for my jailbroken iPhone!

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