Monday, April 13, 2009

Hung Over


I had an awesome weekend. Yesterday Dann and Melissa showed up while I was about to jump in the shower and told me were gunna hang out some more. I was down! So that afternoon I headed over and we all just relaxed, headed out for some yummy pho, enjoying a chill Sunday afternoon.

As afternoon became evening we decided to head out and get some alc. We got Revs, an energy drink with vodka in it, it was goood. We all started to get pretty drunk, and Dann’s friend Jen came over and got drunk with us. Dann and I walked to get more alc then to get some Bogogi (sp?) pizza. It was awesome. I paid a lot of money towards debt on my last check but didn’t leave myself enough to live off, lol, so Dann’s been awesome by lending me money so I can have a good time which I will certainly pay him back for come Friday. While getting pizza I changed my voicemail to a drunken one, which is quite funny and I will be leaving it that way for a while :P

Today we had plans to hang out with Brian and finish up our board game from Friday but I’m hung over… I think. Never really been hung over, so hard to say for sure. Either way, think I’ll be taking it easy today. Back to work tomorrow.

This weekend really felt like a turning point for me. I finally feel like I live out here and have a life here. I’ve once again managed to find myself surrounded by great people. I feel like I’ve struck gold twice. Had great friends in Winnipeg and now I’m making great friends out here.

I cannot wait to get paid on Friday. I’ll continue to pay off my debt, but from now on I’ll make sure to leave myself more than $50 to last 2 weeks…


lou said...

how have you never been hungover?

Notme2000 said...

Lol, I dunno. Been drunk, but never really been hung over. Even that time it was barely a thing, not the killer hangovers I've seen friends go through.