Saturday, July 30, 2011

KD Halifax

Well Kristina’s visit has come and gone.  It was a great week!  Work has been getting pretty intense and I was in desperate need of some chill time with a good friend.  I booked the days off months ago, but things at work had gotten pretty urgent so I was worried taking the time off would be a problem, but fortunately it wasn’t.  Really cool of everyone at Longtail to make it work.

After work I walked to the hotel next door and caught a shuttle to the airport.  It was great to see Kristina again!  One of the bonuses of making more money than I did at BioWare is getting to see the people back home more often.  I visited Winnipeg when I moved, then again for my Dad’s wedding, and helped pay for Kristina’s trip.  Any time a friend visits I’ll pay half way, figure it’s only fair!  (Next summer I want to visit Edmonton, and/or Vancouver too, depending on whether or not I still have friends living in Vancouver by then).


It was a great week!  We saw Transformers 3, watched a lot of Community, explored downtown and the waterfront, had a LOT of candy, went out for dinner, caught the gay pride parade with Heidi and then had beers, went to Dartmouth to do some shopping, rented a car and drove to Peggy’s Cove and caught the sunset then ate lobster, and more general silliness.  Like I said, it was a great week!

New Friends!



Got a lot of great pics over the week.  Including some great photography, especially at Peggy’s Cove.  I uploaded all the pics to Flickr, and they can be checked out there!  I’ll edit and upload the video to Vimeo soon too, and when I do I’ll post a link here.


Sunset Over The Atlantic!

Having Kristina here made me realize some things though.  Mainly that I’ve been out here for almost a year now, and yet I still act like I’m only visiting.  Having a friend here to explore the city with made it feel like a whole new city.  I didn’t feel like an outsider in it.  After living a year in Edmonton my social life was really starting to flourish, but I also thought I’d live in Edmonton for a long time, maybe forever if I got the fulltime job at BioWare.  After the second move I’m a bit more cynical about how long I’ll live anywhere, just the nature of the industry I work in.  But that doesn’t mean I should always be an outsider.  So I’ve decided to make a more conscious effort to build a life here.

End Of Trip :(

When I dropped Kristina off at the airport we were both sad the trip was over.  But it was a great time, and she had to get back to her life in Winnipeg and I had to get working on mine here!

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