Tuesday, July 19, 2011

KD: Halifax Style!

KD!Kristina is visiting for a week, and she gets here tomorrow!  I’m pumped.  A few months ago she said she’d love to visit and once I cleared the dates with work she bought her plane ticket (I helped) and we had ourselves a visit planned! 

I’ve been out here almost a year and this will be the first visit from someone, and I am incredibly excited.  It’ll be awesome to show her around Halifax, and in a lot of ways it’ll make the city feel new to me, exploring it with an old friend!  I’ve been working insane hours at work, and it’s been taxing, so a mini-vacation with a good friend is going to just what the doctor ordered! 

She’s here for 6 days and I have a few cool things planned.  Only thing that sucks is quite a bit of it is outdoors, and the weather isn’t looking the greatest for the days she’s here.  It’s +36 in Winnipeg today, and it’s been rather cool here this week, sometimes lower than +20.  So I’m really hoping the weather cooperates!  It’d suck if she left beautiful weather, and then it was cooled and rainy/cloudy the whole time here.  But either way I’m sure we’ll have a great time!  After work I’m catching an airport shuttle from the hotel next door to meet Kristina at the airport, can’t wait!

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