Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Angels & Airwaves is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.  I love them, and their music puts me in the best mood.  They’re not normally the type of music I’d listen to, but for some reason I love their spacey punk-rock sound.  Anyway, apparently they did a movie and the early reviews are saying it’s excellent and it’s already won a few film festival awards even though it’s not publicly out till November. 

The description sounds awesome.  An astronaut is at the International Space Station and all contact with earth stops inexplicably.  From orbit he watches Earth go dark, and spends years trapped up there.  Until one day he wakes up and finds something else in orbit with him.  During an interview one of them said he goes through a worm-hole and meets God.  Plus another story 100 years earlier during the civil war.  The trailer makes it look right up my alley.


The movie’s music is of course done by Angels & Airwaves themselves.  It comes out in November, and I am now officially excited for it.

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