Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moving Up

So a longtime reader of my blog contacted me letting me know her cousin, Ryan, was moving to Halifax and didn’t really know anyone.  I’ve been pretty lonely out here so I was happy to have the opportunity to meet someone new.

He visited town last weekend looking for an apartment and I met up with him for lunch.  We got along right away, and I could definitely see becoming friends with him.  He was in the army but had to leave due to injury, so he’s looking for a fresh start somewhere new.  I mentioned I was looking to move out too so we decided to check out some 2 bedroom places.  He had a place already lined up to check out so I tagged along.  It’s a second floor of a house, technically 3 bedrooms.  It reminds me a lot of the place I lived in Winnipeg with some friends before moving to Edmonton.  It’s really large, kind of an old house with character.  We met the other tenants and they were really nice.  It has a big back yard and they have bon fires often and said we were more than welcome to join them.  The area is infinitely nicer than the place I’m living now.  Someone was murdered in the apartment complex I’m in right now a year or two ago…  And the rent is CHEAP!  At 725$ a month I could afford it on my own, and when you split that in two I’d be paying less than I am in my current dump, plus the bills would be split as well.

After spending the day with Ryan I could immediately tell he was a good guy and we’d get along great.  It’d be great to live with someone, as I previously said my life is pretty lonely out here right now, and it’d also be fantastic to not live in an area where being murdered was a real concern…  So we applied for the apartment, and the past few days the landlord has been in contact with me letting me know we got it.  The landlords are a really nice lady and her deaf husband.  She translated to sign language for us.  They both seemed really nice and normal, important in a landlord.

So it looks like I’m moving again.  Ryan is taking the place for November 1st, but because it was already mid-October I was stuck in my lease here until at least December, so I’ll be moving in mid to late November.

I’m really excited to be moving to a nicer area, and making new friends.  However this will be my 3rd place in a year.  Moving is stressful, and I only just got settled in where I am now.  Not looking forward to the process again.  Especially with the couch and computer desk I just bought.  Ryan offered to use his Dad’s van to help me move the big stuff when he’s here moving in, so I’ll likely move my couch and computer desk then, and spend a few weeks in my current apartment sitting on the living room floor again, like my first few weeks here.  But it saves me from having to hire movers or rent a moving truck!  Really cool of Ryan to offer too!

So things here are starting to look up.  I also managed to get a cute girl’s number on the bus this morning!  Who knows if that will go anywhere, but it’s a nice confidence booster and reminds me that meeting people is easy if you try!

Crunch is starting at work, so it’s 11 hour days.  I do my extra hours in the morning to get extra time for build verification, and so I can head home at a decent hour, but it means getting to bed early.  SO bed time for me!

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