Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gong Show

Yesterday seriously sucked.  It was my errand day so I was already not looking forward to it.  But I didn’t think it’d be too bad…

The plan was to go grocery shopping, create an account at Blockbusters and rent a game, come home and play the game while doing laundry.  The grocery shopping and game rental went fine.  But the laundry would end up being my whole day.  First I gathered up all my clothes and lugged it down to our seriously ghetto laundry room.  I poured the detergent in and put in the clothes only to discover the stupid thing wouldn’t turn on.  I had to wash the laundry now that it was covered in detergent.  I know clothes can get stained if detergent is put on it and then not washed.  So I lugged it all back upstairs and figured I had no choice but to hand-wash my clothes and then drag em back down to the dryer.  So I chucked all my clothes in the tub with some detergent and cold water.

Photo Oct 03, 1 31 42 PM

It took about 2 hours of grueling scrubbing and ringing out.  Once washed ALL the clothes I drained the tub and began the long process of rinsing.  I held it under the tap and kept ringing it out until there was no soapy bubbles left.  I noticed the water looked really inky and that worried me.  I generally washed my clothes together in the machine, but maybe hand washing was different somehow?

Once it was finally rinsed I brought it all back downstairs.  It was insanely heavy now that it was wet.  I loaded all the clothes into the dryer, and tried to put in the 1.50$ but realized it only took quarters.  So I had to get in my car and drive a few blocks to a gas station to trade my loony for quarters. 

Finally got back and put in the 1.50$ and started it up.  An hour later I went down and the dryer was just finishing.  When I opened it up the clothes were still literally dripping wet.  They were warm, but wet.  And because they’d been sitting in there wet the whole time, the white shirts had been having the inky water drip through it the whole time.  I could immediately tell they were ruined.  So I hauled the heavy wet clothes back up 3 sets of stairs and had to hang all my clothes all over my apartment.  Socks on the window sill, jeans hanging over the shower rod, everywhere.  I left all the windows open and used my fans to help.

The whole day was an absolute nightmare.  I ruined 3 white shirts, fortunately none of them were my favorite.  My favorite 2 white shirts weren’t in the wash this time, thankfully.  What was supposed to be an hours of errands followed by a relaxing day of videogames ended up being 5 hours of stress.  And this morning I checked the clothes, and while they are drying, they feel stiff like cardboard, so I don’t know if I’ll even want to wear them without washing them properly first, as I don’t know if I did any good, or if they’re just all inky now.  What a horrible day.

Fortunately the game I rented, Singularity, ended up being really fun.  Was up until 3:00 AM with junk-food and pop playing it.  Today, after this entry, I think I’m going to go on a coastal drive and check out the ocean.  Hopefully this doesn’t turn into some other horrific ordeal!

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