Monday, April 5, 2010

RIP Horace Street

living room

Last night I drove around Winnipeg, stopping at all the houses I’d grown up in, the schools I’d gone to, etc.  I stopped by the Horace apartment too.  The lights were on, but I don’t know who lives there anymore.

Before I moved to Edmonton I lived in an awesome apartment on Horace Street in St. Boniface with 2 of my best friends and one’s girlfriend.  It was only 600$ a month, utilities included, 4 bedroom, and it was over a chiropractor’s office so on weekends, and after 5 on weekdays we could be as loud as we wanted.  Lots of fun parties there.


The cool thing about that apartment is that it had been in our circle of friends in some form or another for over a decade.  It started when Brett Naskrent lived there with Tim Der and Jeff Hrymak.  Them being the type of guys they were, it was covered in posters of near-naked women, banners for beer companies and of course pyramids of beer bottles.  Tim Der owned a huge 50+ inch HDTV that took up half the place.  From then one would move out, another friend would move in, until eventually it was the 4 of us living there.  That apartment has lots of history for us.

Even after I moved out my friends stayed there, and even though I had a bit of a falling out with them, it was always good to know it was still in the circle.  But that is no longer the case, new tenants have taken up the lease, and the story of the Horace St apartment in our lives is over.  A sad day.

The apartment was such a cool part of our lives, Tim Der, a friend of mine who used to make music videos for the band The Odds, and one of the original tenants of the apartment made a music video for The Weakerthans about moving out of an apartment that held so much history for us.  Check it out!

So long Horace St.  You will be missed.

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