Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lifestyle Change

So I’ve started working out the past few months, and in the last month cut Coca Cola out of my diet completely.  I drink only water now.  Recently I started doing the Cardio section of P90X every morning.  Once I’ve lost enough of the gut I’ll start with the rest of P90x.  And today I went grocery shopping, and for the first time ever, bought healthy food.  I used to always buy lots of coke, chips, candy, pre-cooked fried food and microwavable.  But diet is the last piece of the puzzle to fill, so I made the smarter decisions.  Extra lean turkey breast, whole wheat bread, egg-whites, tuna, pasta noodles and low-fast sauce, lettuce, low-fat perogies, rice, lettuce, dried cranberries for snacking, etc.  Not only were these choices healthier, but buying base ingredients instead of pre-cooked stuff is way cheaper!  Plus I’m saving a ton each month by not drinking coke.


I’m really digging this change of lifestyle.  I feel more motivated and productive, I’m beginning to see the results in my body, and after working out I feel fantastic every morning.  I just hope I can keep it up once I get back to work!

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