Saturday, March 27, 2010

Requiem For A Honda

I sold the Honda today.  Spent the morning cleaning it out and then Nathan came by and I followed him to the auto-wrecker and we dropped it off.  Got 90$ for it :P. 


Was kind of sad to see it go; the Honda was my first car, and it’s taken me a long way.  I waited way too long to get my license, so around the time I was starting to get my act together I decided I needed to get my license and a car to be independent.  My Mom and Uncle promised to buy me a car if I ever got my license, I think in part out of disbelief.  But I did get my license, and bless them they did get me a car!  At first I only had my learners and Tim and Brett would come along for the drive to work every afternoon and pick me up from work afterwards so I could get some practice. 

Once I had my official license I’d go for long drives every night listening to music.  I’d drive past all the different houses I’d grown up in, the places my friends lived when I was a kid, etc.  Just driving down memory lane.  It wasn’t even a year before I decided to go on a road-trip.  The Honda took me to Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and North of the Great Lakes through Ontario.  It’s no exaggeration to say that road-trip changed my life.


And once I got back it wasn’t another year before I decided to move to Edmonton.  And I had one of the most emotional moments of my life as I said goodbye to all my friends and got into the Honda and drove away, leaving a life behind for a chance to follow a dream.  I remember barely being able to hold it together as I watched them waving in my rear view mirror, fading away.

A few months later I drove back to Winnipeg in the Honda to visit home for the holidays.  And on the drive back Brett came out with me to work on the rigs for a while in Alberta.

When my Manitoba insurance ran out I remember how devastated I was when the Honda didn’t pass out-of-province inspection.  No more car.  Well, that should have been it.  I proceeded to drive uninsured for 4 more months…  But the Honda was reliable and kept me out of trouble.

And now it meets its end.  Sold for parts for 90$.  Sorry Honda.  You deserved better.


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