Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My First Cinematic Sequence

Today I finally finished the Matinee section of my Unreal training.  Which means I finally used it for what I originally thought was its only purpose: cinematic sequences.  So here’s my first basic sequence.  Once you flick a switch it’s activated, but doesn’t play until you walk through the door.  It’s 2 cameras with movement, fade-ins and outs, and some zoom.  While the sequence is in effect you lost control of your character and the HUD vanishes.  Once the sequence is over, you regain control of the character, the HUD reappears and you continue on.  After that the sequence is over and cannot be re-triggered, even using the switch (by design).  Check it out!  The pic is how it looks in Kismet/Matinee, and the video is how it plays out in-game.

3-23-2010 4-33-04 PM

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