Saturday, March 6, 2010


So I’ve been a bit slow on my Unreal (level editing) modules lately, not because I haven’t been working on it, but instead of spending day after day watching videos I’ve been spending most of my day in the level editor learning first hand, and then watching the videos a bit at the end of each session.  But I’m pretty comfortable with everything, so from here if I’m to make any real progress it’s time to get back into the nitty gritty of watching the video modules.  After completing the most boring and dry module explaining every aspect of the editors gui, I got to learn Kismet, Unreal’s visual scripting sequence.  VERY cool stuff.  Requires a lot of logical thinking and being able to visualize it.  I love the way it works, because in debated or when I’m just trying to work something out my head I tend to think very visually.  Here’s the first script I made through the modules.  It’s a simple light switch that can be toggled off.  The player sees a countdown, then the light turns off.  Then it says “System restarting in…” and counts down again, then the light turns back on.  Cool stuff, and I can see Kismet being a complex and deep aspect of Unreal all on its own, which I find exciting.  Can’t wait to learn more!

Click the image to see the bigger version!


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