Monday, December 21, 2009

Edmonton Weekends

So the morning after the Christmas party I got called in to work.  I was pretty hung over, to be honest.  Thankfully we only had to go in for a few hours to verify a fix.  James was there too, also pretty hung over.  After we were done we went to Nathan’s for a videogame party.  It was good times.  While I was there everyone was making plans for what they’d do during their Christmas break.  They were all trying to convince me not to go to Winnipeg and stay to hang out with them.  I’ll admit I was pretty sad to be missing out on what sounded like a great time.  It was a weird turnaround from last year.  Kind of nice to know I’ve made a life that I’ll miss and will miss me here in Edmonton. 

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m psyched for Winnipeg!  I leave tonight, 24 hour train ride.  Gunna be boring as hell.  Especially since there are no plugs in economy class, so my iphone won’t last long if I watch movies, listen to music, etc.  I might be able to find plugs, or get an attendant to charge it for me.  I hope.  I picked up a battery extender from Best Buy, adds a 75% charge, so that will help a bit.  Worst case scenario though, my iphone could die a few hours into the trip, and most of my time on the train will be in the dark.  So I’ll sit there in silence, with nothing to look at.  I might be a little loopy by the time I get to Winnipeg.

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