Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time Capsule

Was looking through old texts the other day and found this mass text I sent out before leaving Winnipeg.

Weird.  I didn’t know anyone in Edmonton yet, had no idea what working at Bioware would be like, or that I’d become so ambitious about it as a career.  The city was a distant memory from the time I went with my family when I was 11, and I had no idea the life that lay ahead of me.

It also makes me miss the life I had in Winnipeg.  That life is over, even if I went back everyone’s drifted apart, doing their own things.  But I had some good times in Winnipeg, and haven’t thought about them in a while.  Right now the plan is for my next visit to be in October/November.  By then I’ll know if I have full time or have to take the mandatory 3 months off.

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