Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Good Times In Edmonton

Chad’s trip has continued to successfully rock.  There has been an abundance of rocking.  The quota was met and surpassed long ago.  Been checking out the sights, hanging out with friends, playing video games and nerding it up (convinced him to get an iPhone), and just all around been having a great time.

It’s gunna be weird when he leaves, cause he was so easily integrated into my life here, and it’s been so fun.  I really hope him and Olga do move here.

We stopped by Bioware to have lunch with Nathan and Dave and I headed up to get my timesheet signed and handed in, and Chad came with and was lucky enough to be a part of a nerf raid.  That was really fun.  He is extremely jealous that this is my job, and you know, I can’t blame him :P

Tomorrow I go back to work.  It kinda sucks that we can’t stay up super late any more like we have been, and I’ll have to get up early again.  Then we won’t be able to hang out until 5:00 when I’m off work.  In some ways the real trip is over, and the next few days will just be chilling after work, much more low key.  Though after work we’re including Chad in one of our traditional board game nights.

After Chad leaves I’m gunna put up a video of all our exploits, but for now here’s some more pix:

Oh, and I bought a sexy new Apple keyboard at the Apple Store in West Ed.  It’s awesome.  Had to remap a few keys to make it work for PC, but it’s great.


Andi said...

haha next is the whole mac. haha.. i knew you'd come over the our side eventually.

Notme2000 said...

And I convinced Chad to get an iPhone. What next!?