Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Times Ahead

Fun fun fun.  Funnnn!

Ok, so tonight is a pub crawl!  Everyone is coming!  Dann, Melissa, Nathan, Colin, Jolene, Jess, Jen, maybe Dave.  Gunna be a blast.  And I just got paid, so I will be drunk!

Also, Chad officially booked his tickets!  He’s coming!

Untitled(5) Gunna be so much fun having him here.  Will give him the Bioware tour, check out West Ed Mall, eat at restaurants, go for drinks, introduce him to my friends out here, etc.  Can’t wait!

Kyra is talking about coming out to visit too!  AND Jeff texted me with plans on to go Vancouver this summer, something I was planning on doing anyway.  So that will be great.  I’ll pick him up at Calgary, pick Kyra up on the way, get to Vancouver where Andi will be living.  Ah, so much fun ahead.

And it’s finally warm out.  I had the feeling this city is gunna be awesome during summer!

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