Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trip Home

I’ve been slacking on the blog updates lately!

Recently, well like a month ago, I took a trip to Winnipeg.  It was my vacation time between projects, and a way for me to celebrate getting the Designer promotion.  It was a great trip and just what I needed.  My first night I went straight to the lake with my bro and his girlfriend and we met up with my Mom and uncle.  My brother picked me up from the airport and we drove out.  It was a good chance to catch up with him.  I’d kinda dropped the ball on keeping in touch with him the past few years but we’ve both been making more of an effort to keep up with one another lately.

I hadn’t been out to the lake in years, so it was great to spend the night there.  We had hotdogs over a bonfire and just caught up.  It was really nice.  In the morning I went quadding too.  My mom and uncle spend most of their free time out at the lake, so it was good to hang out with them where they love to be.  I really miss being able to casually tag along to the lake with them.  I didn’t do it much when I lived in Winnipeg, but now I know what it’s like to miss family, so I really appreciated it when I can.

I caught up with friends as usual.  Had many late night conversations with Brett.  Tim was back in town so hung out with him.  Finally caught up with Andi, hadn’t seen her in years!  She’s a really busy person, and life got a little crazy for her, so I don’t hold it against her, just glad to see her again.  We even ran into Lauren, who I haven’t seen since my first visit back from Edmonton, back in 2008/09.  Had our traditional brunch with Ashley, went clothing shopping with Kristina, caught up with Nikki and Scott and their adorable daughter Zola!  Nancy bought me lunch for my Birthday too!

Old Friends
Traditional brunch!
KD Photobooth at the Apple store
Nancy bought my lunch for my Bday!
Italian sodas with Nikki
My Grandma threw me an awesome dinner for my Birthday too.  Got to see a bunch of my extended family.  Everyone wished me a happy Birthday and congratulated me on the promotion.  It was really cool of her, haven’t had a big Birthday bash like that since I was a kid!  And she got me a great gift!  There’s a place in Halifax called Duggers, it’s a world-renowned men’s clothing store.  Very classy, VERY expensive.  The owner is a friend of the family, so my Grandma arranged to get me a 200$ credit there.  I ended up using it to get a hoodie, and after tax it came to 260$…  But it’s a nice hoodie!  Was an awesome Birthday celebration, and it was amazing of my Grandma to put it together and top it off with such a great gift!
Planet Of The Apes with Dad, Step-Mom, Bro and his GF
On my actual Birthday my Dad and Step-Mom (I can call her that now that they’re married!) took my brother and I to see Planet Of The Apes.  I loved it, great movie!  After that I spent the night at my Dad’s.  My brother unfortunately couldn’t because he had school early the next morning.  My Dad and I stayed up extremely late talking about all kinds of stuff, and he actually ended up staying up later than me, which NEVER used to happen.

I had a bunch of video of the trip, but sadly my phone glitched out and I had to restore it to factory default and lost all the video…  If only iOS5 had been out, it would have been backed up to iCloud.  This glitch happened THE NIGHT BEFORE iOS5 came out!  Grrrr.

It was a great visit, and a good recharge after a long Crunch at work.  I’m already looking forward to my visit for Xmas!

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