Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Airport Blogging

My current view.

Airports are a familiar locale for me lately. Ever since things with Longtail started with a flight to Halifax for the interview, I spend about 6 days a year in airports and on planes. On a single-direction flight, like today's Winnipeg to Halifax trip, I see 3 to 4 airports (departure, arrival and layovers) and fly on at least 2 planes. I know Toronto Pearson International Airport like the back of my hand. The shoe shine guy remembers me whenever I decide to get a shine.

It's not like I'm some kind of crazy jet-setter living out of my suitcase, but it does give me a small window into what that kind of life would be like. I often overhear the flight attendants or pilots talking, forgetting what city they're in or what the local time is. I could see liking it, and hating it. I have no plans on going on tour for anything any time soon though, so it's all just fun what-ifs.

Today my layover in Toronto is 3 hours. I'm sitting in a cafe eating a hot dog and fries next to a window overlooking the tarmac. More than half the people here are using iPads.

I often meet people during layovers and have interesting conversation. Usually that's Toronto, but sometimes the layover is in Montreal too. There was one guy I met who was an admitted gambling addict who told me the story of the night he won 100,000$ and still managed to lose it all within the month. There was a couple from Germany who were traveling the world on her Dad's inheritance. A few creepers too who I regretted starting conversation with. I also have a frustrating habit of meeting really nice, cute girls on layovers. Frustrating because obviously nothing is going to come of it, once one of us has to leave for our flight we never see each other again. That's also kind of cool though, these spontaneous brief interactions.

You also see a lot of emotion in airports. The sorrow of a couple splitting for a long period of time, someone leaving their home for their ambitions, etc, but also the joy of couples reunited where they can't keep from crying and kissing like highschoolers, or someone returning from their tour of duty to their relieved family.

I should probably get out of this cafe and go to my terminal, boarding starts in a bit under an hour, and I want to get a seat in the waiting area before they fill up. I'll write an entry about my trip from Halifax, soon.

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