Wednesday, March 9, 2011



This one won’t be for everyone.  A playlist made of remixes, for that chopped up and put back together sound.  Great for listening to while you work!  Most of the songs’ original versions have been on previous playlists, but not all.  There’s a few doubles, and lots of Nine Inch Nails and Florence & The Machine.  Some of the remixes are really dark, in a really good way.  I’m really happy with the outcome, but making this playlist was a chore.  Let me tell you, for every good remix, there are 50 horrible ones!  As always, the playlist can be heard on Grooveshark!  Enjoy!

  1. Freelance Whales – Generator 1st Floor (Aislyn Remix)
  2. Matt & Kim – Daylight (Stic.Man Remix)
  3. Vampire Weekend – The Kid’s Don’t Stand A Chance (Chromeo Remix)
  4. Tunng – Bullets (Max Tundra Remix)
  5. Florence & The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)(Jamie Ts Lionheart Remix)
  6. Innerpartysystem – Obsession (Plus Move Remix)
  7. White Lies – Nothing To Give (M83 Remix)
  8. How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning (TweakerRay ReMix)
  9. Nine Inch Nails – Zero Sum (Optimal)
  10. Nine Inch Nails – Demon Seed (Mess Mix)
  11. Nine Inch Nails – On Hands And Knees (My Violent Heart)
  12. Edward Sharpe – 40 Day Dream (Turbotito Remix)
  13. Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Penguin Prison Remix)
  14. Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Penguin Prison Remix)
  15. Uffie – Difficult (2006 Parties Remix)
  16. Florence & The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Gilbere Forte Remix)
  17. La Roux – In For The Kill (Kanye West Remix)
  18. Fort Minor – Where’d You Go (BBB Remix)
  19. Nine Inch Nails – Head Down (All Used Up Remix)
  20. Nine Inch Nails – Me I’m Not (TweakerRay ReMix)
  21. Sigur Ros – Hoppopolla (Reuben Halsey Remix)
  22. The Bravery – An Honest Mistake (Superdiscount Remix)
  23. Jamie T – Chaka Demus (Ben Bones Remix)
  24. LadyHawke – My Delirium (Chateau Marmont Remix)
  25. Florence & The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)(Leo Zero Remix)
  26. Nine Inch Nails – Zero Sum (AbsorbFish Remix)
  27. Nine Inch Nails – Lights In The Sky (Lofi Remix)

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