Sunday, March 20, 2011



Summer in Halifax comes earlier than I'm used to. In Winnipeg and Edmonton the months of October to May were too cold to go outside comfortably. Here it didn't snow until late December, and the snow was already gone by early March. I plan on taking advantage of these longer warmer days. In fact, I am writing this entry from a Second Cup downtown. I spent the day wondering downtown and along the waterfront. I figure the more I go out, the more comfortable I get in this city, the more people I meet, and the more opportunities I come across. I'm not in survival mode anymore.

Ryan is moving to Edmonton at the end of the month, which is a shame; I’ll be losing my one true friend here.  As sad as I am to see Ryan go though, I’m sure I’ll meet new people.  His sister is taking over his half of the lease in June, so she may be a new friend.  And she’s lived in Halifax before and has friends here, so I may meet people through her as well.  Not to mention I’ve really started to get along with everyone at work.  For the longest time I was too preoccupied with the new job, moving, etc, to notice the cool people I work with.

I’ve been here for 8 months now, but most of it was moving from the corporate apartment, to the horrible apartment, to the nice apartment I’m in now.  And getting accustomed to work, then crunch, etc.  All through the dead of winter.  Now that summer is coming and I’m not working insane hours or living in a total dump, and I’m comfortable at work, I can start focusing on the bigger picture.  I’m ready to get out there and start meeting new friends, dating, etc.  The foundation is built in Halifax, it’s time to start building a home.

Written on my iPad.
Location: Second Cup, Spring Garden Rd, Halifax

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