Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dance On Broadway PS3 Release Party


Friday was the release party for Dance On Broadway PS3.  Ended up having a fantastic night.  After work we all went for drinks at a bar before making our way to a place called Hamachi House.  It’s one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook the food right at the table in really entertaining ways!  Had a total blast.  Got pretty drunk on sake and rye & cokes!

IMG_2372After the dinner John (the producer) gave a speech commending everyone for their hard work on the project, saying goodbye to a few friends moving on to other endeavors and welcoming some new friends.  One of the designers, Kim, made everyone some awesome plaques to commemorate their work on the project.  Really appreciated it, and love having it on my desk next to my PC.  It’s especially cool that it says Quality Assurance Lead, and not Term Tester!

After that everyone proceeded to get very drunk and have a great time.  I’ve been at Longtail for 7 months, and it admittedly took me a while to feel at home, but the release party was a great time with some great people, I’m lucky to be a part of it!

At one point we realized we recognized the guy at the next table.  It was Victor Garber from Titanic!  He was also the Dad in Alias.  We bought his table a bottle of wine, trying to be all cool, but he ended up leaving before the table got the bottle.  Smooth.  I’m sure the rest of the table appreciated it though!

3-13-2011 3-29-45 PM

Afterwards a group of them headed to club, but I’ve never been much of a clubber, and was feeling pretty beat by then anyway, so I caught a cab home.  I was pretty drunk when I got home and Ryan thought it was riot.  A great night!  I got a video of a few parts, check it out!

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