Thursday, March 31, 2011

Career Fair

St. Mary's University

Yesterday I went to St Mary’s University to represent Longtail Studios at a Career Fair.  I went with 2 co-workers Clifford and Kerri.  It was a really fun day, and a great way to break up the week and do something different. 

We brought a copy of Dance On Broadway PS3 and I ended up dancing with several university students.  It was a lot of fun, and got to play our game with some really cool people.  One guy had no issue belting out the lyrics to the song while he danced.  Several of the girls let loose and got high scores.  It was a really fun day of explaining how awesome the job is to interested students and hanging out with some cool co-workers.

I never went to University, and every time I find myself in one I realize I missed out on a great experience.  So many young people working towards a brighter future.  Everyone with their own ambitions and plans.  It’s an inspiring environment to be in.  Fortunately I eventually found something similar.  It reminded of the feeling of being in an industry where everyone is passionate about their work, proud of their accomplishments and has plans for their futures.  I love talking about career pathing with colleagues, plans to build a future and learn more skills.

Setting up our booth with Clifford and Kerri.

It was a beautiful day out and once we were done we went to Spring Garden, near work, and walked to a cool pub called Your Father’s Moustache.  I had what was without a doubt the best sandwich I’ve ever had, and on the way out made a pit stop at the bathroom and was presented with the funniest urinals I’d ever seen.  A good day.

Best.  Urinal.  Ever.

Yes, that’s a tape measure in her hand.

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CentauraDay said...

Finally! I get to see this bathroom without having to do the eye dart.