Tuesday, January 18, 2011

81 Hours

That’s how many hours I worked last week.  We’re in the final stretch, so there were some pretty intense hours.  I managed to work 2 weeks in 7 days!  My new record for longest day is 20 hours!  But Longtail lets you bank overtime hours as vacation and all the overtime I’ve been working these past few months has earned me an additional 2.5 weeks of paid vacation on top of my normal 2 weeks.  I could also take the hours as an end-project bonus, but I think I’ll stick with vacation hours!

Very nice that the project is all but done.  The atmosphere at work is one of relief.  After today I’m taking 2 days off to recuperate from last week.

Oddly enough, I didn’t mind the hours too much.  It’s nice to be working a job with responsibility.  I stayed late because important tasks relied on me.  It’s a long way from the zero-responsibility jobs I used to be content with.  That being said, I’m glad the crazy hours are done and I can get back to having a life!

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