Monday, November 1, 2010

New Place Soon!

So this weekend Ryan moved into the new place.  The plan is for me to move in mid-to-late November because I’m paying rent at the current place until December.  Ryan moved from Fredricton, which is about a 4 hour drive.  His Dad came as well to help move all his stuff.  He very generously offered to help me move the big things from my apartment to save me moving costs.  So we moved my couch, computer desk and bed frame.  It was really nice of them to help with that, and saved me a LOT of trouble.  It does mean for the next few weeks I’m back to living without a couch or desk though.

When I’d last seen the place before signing the lease it was having a lot of work done it.  The landlords promised us it was going to look really nice, and they weren’t lying!  It looks great!  Hardwood floors in our rooms and living room, new vinyl tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, etc.  They put in new windows that are huge and let a lot more light in, which was one of my only complaints about the place before.  I’m really psyched to move in, the place looks great!

After his parents left, Ryan and I hung out in the new place for a while.  He’s a really down to earth guy, and easy to talk to.  I have no doubt we’ll be great friends in no time, which is great cause I needed some friends here!

I took a few pics of the outside, but pics of the inside will have to wait till I officially move in!



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