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Ok, I can’t give away all the details yet, but I just got back from a free trip to Halifax!  I had an interview at a studio out there, Longtail Studios, and they flew me down on their dime, put me up in a really nice hotel and even had a limo waiting for me!  I really appreciate it, and really hope I get the job.  I find out within the week, but I shouldn’t say anything more on the job until I find out one way or another.

The trip was great.  Flew out on Thursday.  The flight had a layover in Toronto, and it was cool seeing the CN Tower on the skyline in the distance and knowing I’d been there.  Also flew over Grand Beach on the way, was really neat looking out the plane window and recognizing a beach I’d been to several times!

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The plane was delayed in Toronto so I spent a few hours there, pretty boring.  When the plane reached Halifax it was extremely foggy.  I was looking out the window, into pure gray, and assumed we were still in the clouds, and suddenly I saw the ground, seconds before landing.  Kinda shaky, and the entire plane applauded for the pilot.

I went out and waited for the limo in the fog, was very creepy.  Once we reached the hotel I got set up and then went down to the waterfront.  Looking out to the ocean in the middle of the night was kind of terrifying.  It was like the world just ended.  I could hear the wind and waves through the darkness, and it really creeped me out.


The next day I woke up early had a free continental breakfast and then headed to my interview.  I shouldn’t say too much, but I think it went really well.  I find out this week if I got it.  They took me out to lunch at a restaurant where I had some delicious food, and because Halifax is full of breweries I ordered a raspberry beer, and it may be the best alcoholic beverage I’ve ever had.

After the interview was done I had the rest of the day to myself, so I explored the city.  Halifax is a small city, so if you’re in the downtown area, almost everything is reachable by foot, which was awesome.  The entire city was on a hill by the harbor, so no matter where you are in downtown you can see the water.  It’s a beautiful city.

I made my way down the waterfront checking out the Busker Festival that was going on.  Once a year Halifax holds it, and talented buskers from all over the world come to show off their talents for some spare change.  I watched a hot tattood chick fire-juggle, and 2 guys who looked like metal heads perform stunts, including smashing a cinderblock on one of their testicles, lol.  It was a fun afternoon on the waterfront.


From there I climbed the hill to the Citadel, an old army fort at the top of the hill that was first established when the British pioneers settled in Canada.  It was to defend the harbor, as it was an important strong point due to its position for shipping routes to Europe, and entry into the new land.  Really cool being in a city with so much history, the birthplace of Canada.  I spent an hour exploring the Citadel, reading up on it’s history and enjoying the beautiful weather.


My feet were killing my by now, so I made my way back to my hotel to relax.  Eventually I felt like getting out again, so I walked a few blocks to a really nice bar where I had a few drinks and made some friends.  Chatted with the bartender and other customers for a bit, ordered some food to go and made my way back to the hotel.  A really fun day.

The next day I had until 4:00 when my limo would be picking me up to take me back to the airport.  I explored more of the city, and walked down the waterfront again.  In an amazing coincidence I ran into an old Winnipeg friend, Neil Bailey, and he told me he’d recently moved there.  He introduced me to some of his friends and told me if I got the job to look him and we’d grab some beers.  If I do get it and move there, it’ll be great to have a familiar face around.

I continued to explore the city and stopped at a tiny pizza bistro for lunch.  It was quaint, and the pizza was delicious.  I suspect Halifax is full of places with character like this.

Eventually 4:00 came around and I waited by the hotel for the limo.  We took the bridge over the bay to Dartmouth on the way to the airport.  It’s a big bridge!


Like I said, I find out this week if I got it.  I have my fingers crossed.  Seemed like a great studio, a great group of people passionate about what they do, and a great city!  I miss it already!  I love the ocean!  Wish me luck!


P.S.  I find it so weird I traveled from one city, a city to I’d moved to for a job, to another city, a city I may be moving to for a job, with a layover at another city I’d been to before.  And none of those cities were the city I was born in, Winnipeg.  When I was in Halifax and I’d meet new people, they’d ask me where I was from, and I was never quite sure how to answer.  When did I become that guy?  Jet-setter career man.  Life is funny.

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