Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I’ve Got My Orange Crush!

Ok, more crushes!  You’d think I’d run out, but one of the few good things about mass media, is there is no short supply of attractive ladies.



She’s never been in anything I’ve watched.  Buffy was not my cup of tea, except for one time with my friend’s mom when I was under the influence (there’s a story there), but none the less, I’ve always been aware of her and how attractive she is.

Katy Perry

katy_perry_rocks_right_through_injury (1)

It’s been said that God did such a good job with Zooey Deschanel he made another.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis


For those of you with taste, you will recognize this girl as The Waitress from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia!  Fun piece of trivia, her and Charlie are married in real life!

Sandra Bullock


What’s to say?  She was hot in Demolition Man, and she’s still hot today, at least from what I gather from all the chick flick trailers I see.

Paris Hilton


I know, I know.  She is one of the ugliest people on the planet when you consider her personality.  But this is a crush list, so no, I do not consider her personality.

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