Monday, July 26, 2010

140 BPM


I’ve finally found a workout program that works for me.  I’ve been trying all sorts of different things over the past few months, focusing heavily on weight training.  But my main goal is to lose my gut so I can fit into all the nice clothes from 2 years ago.  So I’ve done a ton of research and found the most effective use of your time when trying to lose weight is cardio.  I’ve figured out my BMR, and through a combination of diet and 7 day a week cardio (elliptical at the gym), am on a 750 calorie deficit.  I’ve been on this for just under 2 weeks now, and I’m losing 1 pound every 2 days!  So far I’ve lost about 7 pounds!!  This is more results than I’ve seen in years and it really has me motivated.  At this rate, in 1 month I’ll be visibly thinner, and in 2 months I should look pretty damn good!

My cardio is one to one and a half hours on the elliptical every day.  I tend to do half an hour of interval, then an hour of sustained.  I’ve actually really started to love it.  It’s a great way to work out any stress of the day, and when I’m done I feel fantastic.  I just put on my iPod and get lost in the music until I’m done.  And for that reason I made a playlist explicitly for using while doing cardio.  With this in mind all the songs are around 140 bpm, this way if I go the beat, I’m getting about 140 strides per minute, which keeps my heart at about 125 bpm which is the weight-loss zone.  The playlist is about an hour and half as well, the perfect length for my work out.

I’ve included the playlist.  You can hear it by pressing play on the playlist to the right, but for those of you also working out, or planning to start, give my playlist a shot for your cardio!  For a limited time you can download it from this link!  Just chuck it on your iPod!  The order is somewhat important, as there is peaks and valleys for interval, and it starts with a warm up song and ends with a cool-down song!

And the playlist:

  1. MCP – Grid Runners
  2. Innerpartysystem – Last Night In Brooklyn
  3. Midnight Juggernauts – Safari World
  4. Mimosa – Get ‘Em
  5. La Roux – Tigerlily
  6. Grafton Primary – Relativity (Tommy Trash Remix)
  7. Royksopp – Tricky Tricky
  8. The Presets – My People
  9. She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
  10. Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor
  11. Zero 7 – Mr. Mcgee
  12. Hercules And Love Affair – Blind
  13. Grafton Primary – Telling Lies
  14. Royksopp – The Girl And The Robot
  15. The Presets – A New Sky
  16. M83 – We Own The Sky
  17. Tiesto – Elements Of Life
  18. Van She – Kelly
  19. Imogen Heap & Tiesto – Hide & Seek (remix)
Good luck on losing weight and getting in shape!  Enjoy the soundtrack!


Anonymous said...

Would you mind uploading this again?
It is an awesome playlist :)

Notme2000 said...

It's still available on Grooveshark!