Monday, June 14, 2010

Broke Ass Fool


I’d buy this hat.  If I could afford it…  Looking at my finances, I’m going to be broke for all this month too.  All the initial costs of moving out on short notice have really hurt.  I’ve already been painfully broke for a month and a half, and now I’m realizing I will be just as broke for at least another month before I’m caught up on costs and things return to normal.  I can’t wait to have some disposable income.  As it is I’m selling more and more of my stuff every few weeks just to make bills.  Sucks.  But once these initial costs are all paid and I’m back to my budget, paying my regular bills, half each check, I’ll have decent spending money again.  Especially once Olga moves in and starts helping with rent.  Until then though, bringing in lunch to work, selling off more of my stuff and only driving to work and back.  Ugh.

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