Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost Finale


I will probably write something more detailed later, as the nerd in me really needs to put it on paper, but for now I will only write/rant about something that I’ve been noticing for some time…

Sci-fi.  Science Fiction.  Fiction based in the realm of science.  Some of the most promising sci-fi stories of recent memory:  The Matrix trilogy, Battlestar Gallactica, Lost.  What do they all have in common?  The final act ceases to be sci-fi.  God and magic do not belong in sci-fi.  In fact that is really the only real separation between sci-fi and fantasy.  Neo had powers in the real world cause he was ACTUALLY the second coming of christ?  Fail.  Kara came back from the dead because she was an angel?  Fail.  Every mystery on the island for the past 6 years was ghosts, magic and the afterlife?  FAIL. 

Are we forgetting what sci-fi means?  I want ANSWERS!  Not a finale that focuses on wrapping up character arcs in an emotional ending, I can get that from better dramas.  Not ghosts, magic and religion, I can get that from fantasy.  I want cool, complex, scientifically based explanations.  Don’t pass off your show or movie as sci-fi until the final stretch, then just try to make me cry when the main character dies.  After all the mystery and suspense, I deserve a fucking answer.  And if you can’t write a decent ending, stop wasting my time and getting my hopes up.

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