Sunday, March 21, 2010


I love Spring.  It’s probably my favorite season.  Ya, I know it’s mucky out, it’s not as warm as Summer and my allergies often go beserk, but I love that feeling of rebirth.  After a long season of cold and darkness, everyone is able to go outside and enjoy the sunlight again.  I love it.  Went for Pho with Nathan and Dann today and afterwards just hung out outside and chatted for a good hour.  Nathan recently got a new car, 2003 Tiberon.  So jealous.

Afterwards we went to Best Buy to look around.  Found Dragon Age Awakening on the shelf.  As I was talking about it, this middle aged woman looks at me and goes “Oh, that’s a great game!” and I replied “I made it!”, lol.  She thought it was the main game, and when I explained it was an expansion pack she ended up buying it.  Second time I’ve sold a Dragon Age product in that Best Buy, lol.  I should get commission!

Was a good day!

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