Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Started

So I finished the first module of the training videos.  It teaches you the basics of creating a level without too many specifics, so here’s some screenshots of my final test area.  Essentially it’s 2 rooms, a short hallway connection them, some static meshes and lighting!

2-17-2010 4-57-59 PM

2-17-2010 4-58-32 PM

2-17-2010 4-59-08 PM

2-17-2010 4-59-37 PM

I’m pretty proud considering a week ago I didn’t know how to do a thing.  These videos are super helpful, and I think I have a knack for this kind of thing.  I’m starting to get excited about the idea of some day making the jump from QA to Level Design.  I love QA, I love Level Design, so more options is a good thing!

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