Thursday, December 10, 2009

Working Out

I miss when I was 19 and I could eat junk food non-stop and still be skinny.  But my metabolism is catching up to me.  I work an office job, take the elevator, and still eat like crap.  Not to mention all the Coke I drink…  So I’ve started to put on a bit of weight.  Not good.  I decided to start working out and change my diet.  I’m not going to go hardcore like some people do, just not my thing.  But I have done my research and I will be starting a 3 day a week routine and change my diet a fair amount.  Less Coke, more water!  Bill bought a Bow-Flex not too long ago and it’s in the basement, near my computer.  I can use it while listening to music.  I started today, working on my arms.  Went for about half an hour, and will sleep really well tonight!  I bet I’ll be sore tomorrow though.  I’m doing it for more reasons than just wanting to look good though.  I want it to be somewhat of a lifestyle change.  I’ve been pretty lazy lately, and I want to snap out of that funk.  And as happy as I am right now with my life, I think being more active, having a more regular sleeping pattern, eating healthier and being in better shape will make me even happier.  Especially because it will be me taking control.  Wish me luck!

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