Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Break!

It’s Friday!  Last day before Xmas break!  Tonight is the BioWare Christmas party!  Open bar!  I’m gunna be a mess…  But I’m dressed up all nice!

So I leave on a train for Winnipeg Monday night.  And it’s about a 24 hour train ride, so I will be bored as sin, and a little loopy by the time I reach Winnipeg the next day, Tuesday.  Can’t wait to see everyone, see the old city, etc.  Gunna be good times.  I won’t have as much spending money as I hoped because I’m buying a Pontiac Sunfire from Reid for 3000$.  So a lot of the overtime money I’ve earned the past few weeks will go to that.  But I’ll have enough spending money to have a good time!

So excited!  Haven’t been home in a year!!!!

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