Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nathan’s Last Day :(

Last night was Nathan’s last day at BioWare.  His year contract was up and he had to take the 3 mandatory months off.  Hopefully he’ll be back as soon as those 3 months are up, and from the sounds of things it’s quite likely, which is good.  So for his last day a group of us took him to OPM and treated him.  Ironic, because a year ago to the day was our first day and BioWare treated all of US to OPM.

That evening, after work, we all met in the BioWare audio room and hooked up the 360 and Wii and played videogames (on a $40,000 audio system and really nice TV), drank beer and ordered pizza.  It was a really fun night, and the last of us didn’t leave till about 1:00 AM.  A great way to send Nathan off.

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