Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, true to my word, I put a lot of effort into simplifying my life this weekend.  I got a haircut, spent an entire day cleaning and slightly reorganizing my room, did my laundry, went grocery shopping and did a budget.  This really helped make me feel on top of things again.  I was really stressed out there for a bit, but I have everything under control again.  Making a budget helped put my mind at ease as well.  With a bit of discipline I can live quite comfortably.  My 2 big mistakes were eating at restaurants too often, and paying bills as they came.  With my budget I now spread all my expenses evenly over both checks so there’s no surprises.  I guess the 3rd thing I could do is quit smoking (again).  Whenever I get super stressed I end up smoking, which is a bad habit because then trying to quit is near-impossible.  Trying to quit smoking when you’re stressed, just stresses you out more, and then you want that smoke that much more.  So that last one is on my to do list.  I’ve managed to quit every time, eventually, so I’m sure I will again.

I was thinking about it earlier today; I won’t be able to go home until at least Christmas, and even then it’s quite iffy.  By then it will have been a year since my last visit.  I can’t believe it!  It’ll have been over a year since I’ve seen my Dad…  I don’t like that, so I can’t wait to see him again, and of course the rest of my family!  By then Dragon Age will be out and I can show my family what it is I’ve been working on the past year.  I’ll definitely get a PS3 copy for my brother for Xmas.  And of course a 360 copy for Chad!

And that got me thinking about how it’s been 8 months since I had my falling out with a few of my old friends from Winnipeg.  People I’d had in my life for decades, now completely gone.  I hear their lives are going well for the most part, which makes me happy.  But I’m glad we went our separate ways.  I know that, at least on my part, it was what I needed.

Life feels like it’s getting back on track out here.  There was a few weeks there where I lost my way, got really stressed out, and felt like it’d all been for nothing.  But I’m back on top of things, despite the setbacks.  My focus is back on the goal, and I’m enjoying the journey once again :)

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