Friday, August 14, 2009

Gunna Be A Good Day

I fell asleep really early last night, so I’m nice and fully rested.  Made it to work early, and in the morning meeting I got some good feedback.

Yesterday was the senior in my room’s last day, so today I stole his window desk.  Now I have a great view of the city right by my desk, and it’s nice and sunny!  This week I’ve been training 2 new guys, one of them is in my room, the other across the hall.  Now that a spot in my office has opened up he’ll be moving into my office next week, and I’ll be the senior of the room now, and they’re my team.  Good stuff.

Good day.

This weekend if Fringe and I’ll be going with Melissa, Merne, Dann and maybe more.  Good weekend ahead too!


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