Friday, July 17, 2009

Movin’ On Up!

So I’m no longer on the Consoles team.  I’ve managed to get into the PRC (Post Release Content) department, specifically as QA Design =D

Earlier this week my new boss, Jason, scheduled a quick meeting with me in his office.  I went down, not sure what it was about.  It was just a quick chat to get me comfortable with the new position, what I’d be doing, and what the overall plan was.  And he told me, in no uncertain terms, he wants to get me fulltime!  He can’t make any promises of course, but the department is in desperate need of some qa.  This is fantastic news!  Him and one of the producers on PRC have been embedding me deep in the team, putting me on a fast-track to be as involved as possible.  Things are definitely looking up. 

Yesterday was my last day in my old office.  I loved that room and will miss it.  Packing up my stuff at the end of the day for the movers was a weird feeling. 

But this morning I came to work to my new office.  And it is AWESOME!  It’s a window office, unlike the old office which was always dark, I’m now sitting in sunlight.  The room is me, and John, a programmer who’s rarely at his desk, so I usually have the room to myself.  My desk is in a corner facing the wall, so I have privacy.  I’m not a slacker, but I  do like to have privacy and not have people able to see my monitors all day.  So it’s pretty great.

Today I was told to come in late, the movers usually don’t finish setting up new offices until about 10:00.  So I came in around then, though Jason told me to just mark it as 9:00 since it was out of my control.  I have a big meeting at 1:30, a bi-weekly meeting for the PRC team, and I’m to be introduced to the new team then.  And then at 4:00 it’s officially Beer Day.  All of Bioware goes down to the lunch rooms and drinks beer for the rest of the day, paid.  God I love this job.  We work hard, we play hard.

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