Monday, July 20, 2009

An Awesome Weekend

Had a great weekend, as you may have deduced from the post title.  Weekend was off to a great start with the last 2 hours of work on Friday being Beer Day.  At 4:00 everyone went down to the second floor lunchroom and drank free beer, and had free chips, pretzels, etc.  It has been beautiful out so many of us just stood around on the smoker’s deck in the sun, beer in hand, and chatted.  It was great.

As people started to take off for the weekend Nathan, Reid, Owen and I stuck around and played some Soul Calibur 4 until about 8:00.  It was something we’d been planning on doing for a while.  After we were gamed out we headed to Boston Pizza and chatted over good food.  A good day.

Saturday I woke up early and caught up with Kyra.  I still miss that girl.  Great hearing from her again.  It was beautiful out so I went and hung out with some friends on Whyte Ave.  We walked around shopping, had some food and drinks at Next Act, and enjoyed the weather.  I bought a very cool skin for my iPhone, replacing the Mass Effect one I had.  Very cool.

Eventually we went back to their place and watched movies until a GIANT storm hit.  It was really powerful, causing quite a bit of damage.  The power ended up going out on all of Whyte Ave!  On a Saturday night…  So bars were full, energies were high, streets were packed, etc.  I’m surprised a riot didn’t break out.  We took out some candles and played some cardgames and got to know each other really well, it was great fun.

Once the storm passed we went for a walk down Whyte in the dark.  It was weird to be in the heart of the city but still be able to see a sky full of stars.  There was quite a bit of storm damage too, many LARGE branches and trees had been broken right off.  I had been parked under a large tree so I’m lucky there was no vehicle damage.

Around 1:30 I headed home, it was a really great night, one of my best in Edmonton so far.

Sunday I took a lazy day.  For the most part I just laid in bed and watched my old House DVDs, lol.  Andi called and I chatted with her for a while, always good to hear from her.

And now I’m back at work.  Vanessa just introduced me to more of the team, and I’m just waiting for an export.  Good times.

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