Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mass Effect


On Friday I bought a copy of Mass Effect.  I could have received a free copy from work, but wanted to support the company by picking up a retail copy (and so should you!).  I figured I should probably get around to playing the flagship game of the company I work for.  I remember a friend of mine renting it back in Winnipeg, but I never got a chance to get into it.  But this time I am.  I’m still early in the game, and moving really slowly because I’m finding the back story so interesting I talk to every person and read every Codex entry.

The game is not perfect, and without giving away any company secrets I can say they’ve learned a thing or two for Mass Effect 2.  I’m hoping playing through this game will make me more helpful to the Mass Effect team the odd time they ask for my help with something, and also that this will ensure that happens more often.

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