Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rest Of Chad’s Trip

So Chad has left back to Winnipeg.  The rest of his trip was relatively low key.  I was back at work so had to get up early, thus couldn’t stay up late.  We still had fun though.  Tuesday we went for Italian with Nathan and his new girlfriend who I met for the first time.  She seemed really cool.  After that we went to Marble Slab for some ice-cream.  Good stuff.  I gave Chad a hard time for ordering Vanilla, lol.

Wednesday after work we headed to West Ed one last time because I wanted to exchange my Apple keyboard.  Wanted the one with the numpad, which I got and am now typing on.  Chad bought a screen protector for his new iPhone since he’s already dropped it twice and it has a little crack in it.

We went to Moxies and had our traditional Louisiana Chicken Club.  Just like old times.  Dann came along and afterwards we ended up going to Marble Slab again, lol.  After that we came back home and played Mega Man 9 the rest of the night.  Very retro.

Chad’s plane left at 6:00 AM Thursday morning, so we went to bed early that night to get a bit of sleep, and set our alarms for 4:15.  I paid for Chad to take a cab so I could get some sleep before work.

Today was weird.  It felt like Chad was never here, like it was all in my imagination or something.  Even though the air mattress is still blown up beside me, it just doesn’t feel like it was real.  I remember I always used to feel this way when Tim would visit in Winnipeg when he lived in Saskatchewan.  It’ll pass.

So all in all Chad’s trip here was fantastic.  A lot of fun.  It felt really good to show off my new life to someone from my old life, who could appreciate how different it was and how it fit me.  I hope Chad does end up moving here next year with Olga so they can be a part of this life!

Now I just have to put together all the video from the week, but I’ll post that as a separate entry when I’m done.

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