Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Dave

Just because Dave says I have too many celebrity crushes, this entry is dedicated to him!

Selma Blair



She’s just got that dark mysterious look I love in a woman.

Mia Kirshner

mia-razor13 Mia_Kirshner_j2







She is pure sex.

Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei-ALO-054338


I swear she’s getting hotter as she gets older.  Watch the movie The Wrestler.  Not only is it an amazing movie, but she is in it, and she's hot!

Robin Tunny



I even thought she looked good bald in Empire Records…

Megan Fox



Yes, even I am not immune to her…  charms.


Dave said...

This is much more... acceptable. Some nice choices too. But only some.

Craig A Bailey said...

Even YOU have a crush on Megan Fox!?

Has the world gone Topsy-turvy!?

Notme2000 said...

Do you Craig?

lou said...

of course they're all brunettes!

Andi said...

i had a guy at my work tell me i looked like megan fox and i just stopped in my tracks and after a few second delay i just started laughing.