Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cake Day

I’ve been getting back in to console gaming in a big way lately.  Everyone at work is always talking about these really fun console games that I’ve never played, asking each other for their gamertags, and comparing gamerscores, etc.  And with PC gaming in the drought that it’s in, I figured now was the time to give it another shot.  Rented a few games, Wanted, Dead Space, etc.  Got my Gamerscore above 10,000 (my gamercard can be seen on the right, under ‘Gaming’).  And yesterday one of the guys at work was selling off a bunch of his 360 games for cheap, so I ended up getting 6 games for 70$, some AAA titles in there too!  All in great condition.  Got Devil May Cry 4, Dark Sector, Beautiful Katamari, Bioshock, Bourne Conspiracy and Stranglehold.  70$!

One Friday a month is Cake Day at Bioware, which is when we take the last 2 hours of the day off, everyone in QA goes down to the second floor break room and we eat cake, socialize and play games.  It’s for everyone who’s birthday is that month.  So yesterday was this month’s Cake Day and we all headed down and had a good time.  Reid brought Soul Calibur and him, Dave, Andrew, Mike and a few others got into a Winner-Goes-On tournament.  Dave was kicking ass and actually drew a crowd.  I didn’t play, because these guys were serious about it, and I’ve never really gotten in to the Soul Calibur franchise.  If it’d been Dead or Alive, I’d have been the one kicking ass.

Yesterday was also the last day for a few terms with shorter contracts.  Martin, a really cool guy from our office, had his last day.  Really sad to see him go.  Makes me dread the day my contract is up and I have to take those 3 months off.  God that will suck, and also be really weird.  I can barely conceive of the idea of working at some job “just for the money” anymore.  If I ever manage to get full time, I can honestly say it will likely be the best day of my life.

Last night I started playing Stranglehold, working my way through the first of my 6 new games!  Today I believe I’m hanging out with Dann and Melissa, probably gunna wander around Whyte Ave since it’s so beautiful outside.

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