Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simplify Media – MP3 Sharing!



Found an amazing program that is really catching on with friends.  It’s free.  Simplify Media.  Lets you share your entire music collection online with up to 30 friends, and it works great.  It streams like an online radio station, but with no buffering issues and perfect sound quality!  Even works on my iPhone (the app cost 99 cents for the iPhone) so I now have my ENTIRE home mp3 collection available to me on my iPhone.  It’s quite awesome.  A great way to expose yourself to new music.  It lets me listen to mp3s off my computer from work, in iTunes or Winamp, and when I feel like listening to something new I can listen to one of my friend’s mp3 collections.  So far Chad, Dann and Melissa have it.  Kristina tried to get it working but had no luck :(.  Shame cause we always share so much music and have very similar tastes.  If anyone wants to get it, you can download it free here, and add me “notme2000” to have access to all 9000 of my mp3s, and to let me listen to yours!  Oh, and it’s completely legal!

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