Friday, March 6, 2009


So i got my Nvidia 3d Vision goggles and new Samsung 22 inch 120hz monitor.  It’s all awesome.  At first the 3d was a disappointment, and I actually regretted it…  Then I installed the new drivers, and it fixed all the problems and now it’s just incredible.  Left 4 Dead looks AMAZING in 3d, and can be downright scary!  It’s impressive how 3d it actually is too.  You feel like you are actually there.  Level design really shines cause it actually feels like a place now, instead of just a flat picture.  Already beat Fear 2 in 3d.


So tonight was a fun night.  And I write that with sarcasm.  Pulled some overtime at work, and when it was finally time to go home I found out I was snowed in to the parking lot.  A few of us got put in a separate parking lot because the main one was full, normally not a big deal.  But it snowed a lot today and sure enough, a few of us couldn’t escape the parking lot.  A tried to plow through the snow, but there was just too much, so I had to call CAA (thanks Dad!) and get towed out.  I made it though.  But then on the way home I noticed the brake lamp indicator on.  Checked my brake lights and they work, so not sure what the deal with that is.  THEN I realize I really need gas, so I stop by the gas station.  I go to take some cash out, BMO is down…  So no gas tonight.  Running on fumes now…

So it was an interesting night.  Going to see Watchmen this Saturday with Nathan, Dann and Melissa, then going to Dave’s house-warming party.  Him and his very pregnant girlfriend just bought a place.  Awesome stuff, really happy for them.  Sunday we’ve sort of established a routine of going to Nathan’s place around noon, having junk-food and playing board games all day, and we plan on keeping that tradition going this Sunday.

Well, that’s it for now!