Monday, March 23, 2009

Edmonton Adventures

I had a pretty fun weekend.  After work on Friday I went with Dann downtown to get his iPhone.  I hadn’t spent much time downtown  yet, so it was cool.  Surprisingly similar to Winnipeg’s downtown, except it’s on a giant hill next to a river, so there’s a much more vertical element to it.  Afterwards we went for drinks and food at a pub near Whyte Ave.  Good times.

Saturday was a pretty slow day, just ran a bunch of errands.  It was super nice out and I drove around with the window open and tunes cranked, in a good mood.  Bought some new clothes with some of the extra money I had from my last check.  Been a while since I bought clothes, which was nice.

Sunday I had a coffee-date with a new girl.  Met at Second Cup and chatted for about an hour and a half.  It was fun, and she seemed cool.  I’m still new to the blind-date thing, so it’s hard to say how my first impression was, but the real victory was just to get into the dating scene.  I’ll probably hang out with her again.  She invited me to an 80’s dance night somewhere, but I dunno if that’s really my thing…  Lol, we’ll see though.

Last night I ended up getting sick, and I missed the first half of the day at work.  I came in to get my timesheet signed and wasn’t planning on staying, but by then I was feeling decent and decided to stay.

So, that’s life in Edmonton for the time being.  Even though it’s not at the level my Winnipeg life was, and probably won’t be for a while since a life like that takes years to build, it’s great starting fresh.  I’m building a life that more closely reflects who I am these days, and one piece at a time it’s coming together.



lou said...

lol nice pic. was it u and marcus who agreed to buy the big trouble in little china dvd one night at work caz it wasd only $5?..........i have his copy now lol, i think it's still in the wrapper.

Notme2000 said...

Yup, that was definitely me...